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It may be stated that the office of the Goa Gazetteer came into existence in May 1970 by the then Administration of the Union Territory of Goa, Daman & Diu with constitution of a Gazetteer Editorial Board comprising of official and non-¬official members under the Chairmanship of the Chief Secretary and Director of Archives & Archaeology as Executive Editor and Member Secretary vide Order No. RD/EST/GAZ/295/69 dated 2nd May 1970 published in the Government Official Gazette Series II, No.7 dated 14th May 1970.

Late Dr. V T. Gune, Director of Archives and Archaeology was instrumental in establishing the Gazetteer Department in Goa and was holding an additional charge as an Executive Editor and Member Secretary.

Consequent upon Goa attaining Statehood on 30th May 1987 the Goa Gazetteer Editorial Board under the Chairmanship of the Chief Secretary was reconstituted vide Order No.10-2-80-82/EDN dated 15th September 1987 published in the Official Gazette series II No.27 dated 1st October 1987,

The Word Gazetteer is of Greek origin called 'Gaza' meaning a treasury of news, it generally signifies a geographical index or geographical dictionary or a guidebook of important places and people.

Though a Gazetteer literally means only a geographical index or a geographical dictionary, the word Gazetteer has acquired a wider connotation in Indian usage. The Gazetteer as it is now understood, presents within a defined range and in a readable manner comprehensive view of the region and of the people. It is a repository of authentic information about the development of life in a district from its geographical, demographical, social historical,, economic, administrative and cultural aspects. It is thus of great value as a reference book to an administrator, scholar and a general reader. The information is classified and arranged into District, State and National Series of Gazetteer according to its scope and general importance. One of the important activities of an academic and research nature, which the State Government has undertaken after the Liberation, was to carry out the work of compilation and publication of the first ever District gazetteer volume in March 1979. The extensive gazetteer information and statistical data was collected departmentally from various sources through correspondence or personal contacts or on-the-spot investigation. Some of the important sections/chapters of the Gazetteer volume on History, flora and fauna, customs, festivals etc were written by Experts and Professors and other learned personals appointed as Collaborators.

The Gazetteers volume of the Union Territory of Goa, Daman & Diu, Part I- GOA, Part II & III - DAMAN & DIU, apart of 19 chapters detailed below and also contains the Directory of Villages and Towns, a District Coloured Map and a list of different spellings of Place Names in the territory.

                                                                CHAPTER 1 : GENERAL

                                                                CHAPTER 2 : HISTORY

                                                                CHAPTER 3 : PEOPLE

                                                                CHAPTER 4 : AGRICULTURE AND IRRIGATTON

                                                                CHAPTER 5 : INDUSTRIES

                                                                CHAPTER 6 : BANKING, TRADE AND COMMERCE

                                                                CHAPTER 7 : COMMUNICATIONS

                                                                CHAPTER 8 : MISCELLANEOUS OCCUPATIONS

                                                                CHAPTER 9 : ECONOMIC TRENDS

                                                                CHAPTER 10: GENERAL ADMINISTRATION

                                                                CHAPTER 11 : REVENUE ADMINISTRATION

                                                                CHAPTER 12: LAW, ORDER AND JUSTICE

                                                                CHAPTER 13: OTHER DEPARTMENTS

                                                                CHAPTER 14: LOCAL SELF GOVERNMENT

                                                                CHAPTER 15 : EDUCATION AND CULTURE

                                                                CHAPTER 16: MEDICAL AND PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICES

                                                                CHAPTER 17: OTHER SOCIAL SERVICES

                                                                CHAPTER 18: PUBLIC LIFE AND VOLUNTARY SOCIAL

                                                                                    SERVICE ORGANISATIONS.

                                                                CHAPTER 19: PLACES OF INTEREST

                                                                (Names and Places have been arranged alphabetically)




PLATES * - Goa, Daman and Diu.